10. Jawa - CZ meeting of VSJ - Stary Tyn



About meeting VSJ:

It is noncommercial and private annual Jawa-CZ meeting with the aim of providing meeting of members of VSJ, Jawa CZ fands and friends of VSJ.


This meeting was always dedicated to only for JAWA -CZ or Czechoslovakia motorcycles. It is no allowed to enter to inside of camp with other motorcycles neither members of VSJ cannot do it.


Each of vizitors have to fill in online registration form. Instruction: The first fill in form, than confirm  generated  page in bottom, by copy code and last click on "Odeslat dotaz"


If you would like to book chalet or hotel with meals, just fill booking form until 20.7.2014 by online registration form.


You can check your registration at list of registration vizitors (PDF)



Place of meeting:

Private camp in Stary Tyn near (2 km) town Ustek north bohemia locality. Link to  Map .


Costs of accommodation without board:

Tent:               160,- CZK/person  (all weekend)  

Chalet:           360,- CZK/person  (all weekend)  

Hotel:             360,- CZK/person  (all weekned) 


Costs of accommodation (chalet, hotel) with board:

All weekend = full board + half board:  800,- CZK/person

             friday  - supper

             saturday - breakfast, lanch, supper

             sunday - breakfast


Full board:       440,- CZK/person      

              friday  - supper

              saturday - breakfast, lanch


Half board:    360,- CZK/person           

               saturday - supper

               sunday - breakfast


Accommodation capacity:

5 chalets :    25 persons (2 chalets were booked for VSJ members)

Hotel:            51 persons (42 sites were booked for VSJ members)


Daily schedule

(based on weather the schedule should be changed).

Friday 25.7.2014       

Arriving: Camp's gate will be open from 11 am.

Supper (dinner) will be provide from 7 pm. to 9 pm. Live music band.


Saturday 26.7.2014 


free time

together trip on motorcycles

lanch  from 1 pm. to 2 pm.

Jawa games - travel circle

proclamatoin winners



Sunday  27.7.2014

breakfast, send off and departure until 1 pm.


Photo: Private camp names Tornuv Mlyn - Stary Tyn