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Erwin- Netherlands


How I became a Jawa/CZ biker.
My father had ride a Jawa bike in the 50's and 60's but then the economy gets better he sold it and bought a car I have never seen it because i wasn't born that time but he told me about it.
In 1996 I had my license but no money to buy a bike than a friend told me he had a Jawa Californian in his garage. It was build in 1974 and he bought it in 1976 second hand than he ride with it for 2 years and than he put it in his garage. I may have it if I want but he didn't know of everything was allright because it stand there for 18 years. So one evening we go to the garage and bring it over to my house, the next saturday we bought some things like a new battery and spark-plugs and try to get a good spark when everything was checked we put petrol in it and after 3 kicks it runs that was amazing because it didn't run for 18 years.
Than I met a few people from the Dutch JAWA/CZ Club and make myself a member of them. After that I started to collect parts and things for my Jawa. Than 1998 I bought a Jawa 641 sport but a friend a my get an accident with it and I sold it. After that I bought the Jawa Tramp it was in 2000, than I bought 5 Jawa Californians in diffirent shapes and they didn't run so I sold 4 of them, I have still one for sale. last year I bought a CZ 175 cc type 477 and a Jawa 634 in parts, I build the CZ together and ride with it, the Jawa 634 is still in parts and I will sell it in parts. Than I became a telephone call from a man he want to sell his Californian I go over to take a look of the bike than he had also an 640 blue style and another 634 in parts.
He want to sell it and we make a good deal and I bought it all.
I sold the jawa blue style and the 634 is still in parts in the garage. Than I bought for 75 euro a CZ 250 sport type 471 year 1979 and put it in tha garage also. In October last year I bought 3 bikes in one week, the Italjet-Jawa, an Jawa Californian and an CZ 250 sport build 1937, they were all ready to drive with so they I keep and sell a few of the other bikes.
Two weeks ago I trade a Jawa Californian and the CZ 250 Sport Type 471 for the Jawa Caféracer (self made).
That is my Story of Jawa and CZ.

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jméno: Eerwin  přezdívka: ---     moto:  CZ 250 Sport build 1937, Italjet-Jawa build 1968, CZ 175 type 477 build 1971, Jawa Californian build 1971, Jawa Californian build 1973, Jawa Californian build 1974 (in parts),
Jawa 634 build 1975 (in parts), Jawa 638 Caféracer (self made) build 1988, Jawa 640 Tramp build 1998.
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